Patient Testimonials

Everyone was fantastic, and truly cared. Dr. Dudenhoefer does not compare – he is in a high caliber of his own – he is wonderful.
-Kerry Fial

Everyone was extremely pleasant, very little wait. I am totally pleased with my LASIK – never thought I wouldn’t have to wear glasses! Loving every day!
-Becky Carlson

It was a great experience and I would recommend this procedure to everyone. I was highly satisfied with the results. I could see the clock right away!
-Alison Nelson

Very Happy!
-John A. Dickerson

Everyone was nice who I came into contact with.
-Tammy Jones

Quick and painless. Should have done it years ago.
-Charlie Sams

Pleasant from start to finishing follow-up. My whole experience at Parschauer’s was just capital! Dr. Ken Parschauer is a gifted professional and a fine human being.
-Keith Cayton

Staff is amazing! Consults were amazing! Follow-ups…amazing! I really felt Dr. Parschauer easily walked me through surgery and followed up well with my slow, but progressive recovery. Thank you!
-Julie A. Kupka-Brown

It was excellent all around, from the first meeting through the surgery itself! Thank you!
-Andrew Toccaceli

Great experience!
-Brent Morrow

Great staff and doctors.
-Matt Schimming

I had an amazing experience and would recommend Dr. Dudenhoefer to anyone. He made the entire process very comfortable and did an excellent job. Through my experience, I could tell he was very experienced and passionate about his work and paid very close attention to detail. I never dreamed I could see so well without glasses or contacts! Thank you, Dr. Dudenhoefer!!
-Susan Fial

Was nervous at first but very happy now. Dr. Ken is very talented; have recommended him to many people. Every person I talked to was very nice and knowledgeable.
-Matt Klingshirn

Extremely satisfied with the results. I wouldn’t trust my vision to anyone other than Parschauer Eye Center! Friendly and professional staff added to my overall satisfaction! Thank you!
-Amy Mayer

Quick, easy, painless, and WOW love the results! Improved the quality of life! I thought everything was great!
-Brenda Ooten

Top-of-the-line/classy/professional/awesome/best thing I have every done! Keep on doing what you are doing!
-Terri Blake

I’m so glad I chose Parschauer Eye Center for my LASIK procedure. The facility was beautiful, Dr. Parschauer was awesome and so nice, and the staff was great! I recommend this place to everyone! Everything was above and beyond what I was expecting!
-Lori Lepinet

My experience with Parschauer Eye Center was a very good one! Dr. Ken and Dr. Walker made sure everything was o.k. with my eyes— even if it meant spending extra time with me! It’s wonderful waking up and being able to see clearly out the window without glasses or contacts. It was the first time in 40 years! I was very satisfied with all of your services from beginning to end.
Diane M. Garner

Great service and very organized process.
-Brianne Kuns

The freedom of being able to see without a prescription is priceless! The doctor and staff were nothing short of professional and warm. Thank you for all you’ve done!
-Amanda Garner

I should have done this years ago. Great results!
-Terry A. Hasselbach

Best thing I have ever done! Dr. Parschauer explained everything and made it less stressful!
-Heather Kehres

It was the best thing I ever did!
-Celene Cahlik

-Jon Wilhelm

I love it!!! Being able to wake up and see the clock without having to feel for my glasses!
-Victoria Fleury

I am very pleased with my results and would most definitely recommend Parschauer to anyone! Thank you for such great results and great treatment from staff!!
-Kayla Mylander

Great, friendly service!! Honestly, I have never experienced such wonderful service before! You guys rock!!
-Eric Jensen

Couldn’t be happier with my experience so far. It really was a dream come true.
-Lindsey Heintz

It is absolutely wonderful to be able to wake up and see perfectly – something I haven’t been able to do since I was 12 years old (16 years ago!). Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
-Melissa Kistler-Wells

Vision is more crisp, much easier to pick up the ball during golf and softball. My peripheral vision has greatly improved. My only regret is not getting the procedure done sooner.
-Adam Ramsdell

Love swimming without having to worry about my contacts.
-Traci Kennedy

I love it! I am enjoying everything about it. I play sand volleyball and water sports and it’s amazing to do it without glasses and contacts. I commuted 2 1/2 hrs. to come to Parschauer Eye Center and I would have traveled 5 if I had to, to get the same service I got here. The staff and Dr. Dudenhoefer were amazing. I was recommended by my sister-in-law and so glad I was. I have had contacts and glasses for 17 years and to be free of them is the BEST feeling. I can say, I would recommend anyone in the world to come here. Amazing what they can do! Thanks for changing my life and vision!!!!
-Andrea Wiltsie

My experience was perfect! Delicious coffee, friendly staff, excellent Dr., clean/comfortable office………. Perfect!
-Kristin Keith

I can’t tell you how incredible it is to be able to wake up and see. It’s like I have a brand new set of eyes. Thank you P.E.C. for giving me something back I have not had since I was nine years old. Keep doing what you’re doing!
-Daniel R. Fial

Very friendly staff, very informative. A great experience and I would recommend them to anyone.
-Dan Lindsley

Keep doing what you’re doing. I was very happy with my procedure and happy with not trying to be pushed into other things.
-Marilyn Lynch

Everything is always pleasant; people, atmosphere, etc.
-Patty Bergman

I was very relaxed through all of my treatment. Thank you.
-Gene Paul

The best thing I could have ever done. Wish I did it sooner! Extremely happy. Everything/Everyone was fantastic.
-Ashley Kinney

Wonderful experience.
-Gregory P. Cook

Very efficient and great explanations of the procedure. Couldn’t be happier. I trust Dr. Parschauer and would recommend him to everyone!
-Bradley P. Cochrane

Thank you! I really appreciated short wait times, kind staff, and your ability to fit me in an appointment when I thought something “wasn’t quite right!”
-Kristen Michaelis

I wish I would of done this sooner. 20 years of wearing glasses, this feels amazing even a year later.
-Jeff McMurray

The staff was very helpful on everything. The staff and doctors are caring about their patients in every way.
-Tina Lopez

Wish I had made the decision a long time ago! Awesome!
-Jeff Redmond

It’s amazing!!
-Cody Lakner

Getting my laser procedure was one of the best decisions I have made and getting it done at Parschauers was an easy decision because of their reputation, amazing and welcoming staff, and how comfortable and easy my preparation, surgery, and recovery was. Even traveling five hours to get there for every visit was more than worth it.
-Jenna Lynn Domanski

After 43 years of wearing glasses/contacts it is wonderful not to need them anymore. Thank you very much! I never have to wait long; staff is very friendly and helpful; just very pleased; well run business.
-Laura McKenzie

Very pleased with the personal yet professional attention that the Center has given to me from the beginning! They were able to accommodate my “un-accomodating” schedule… time and time again!
-Patrick Colston

My time and experience at Parschauer has been great. All the continued follow-ups are wonderful.
-Andrea Haaser

Dr. Parschauer really makes the patient feel at ease. I am so happy with my monovision!
-Tracie Dye

I had the monovision done and this was the best thing I ever could have done. I am a nurse and in the past I would always have problems. Smudges, fogging up when wearing a mask and so on. Do more advertising in regard to the monovision option available. It’s your best-kept secret.
-Trayce Hanlon

This procedure proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – wish I had done it a long time ago – staff is very pleasant and professional.
-Laurie Logan

My whole experience from start to finish was fantastic!! The staff and the doctors were all top notch and very personable. I tell all my family and friends if they are considering eye surgery to call Parschauer first.
-Derek Clawson

Very friendly and professional staff.
-Justin Rew

The staff and doctors were very informative and experienced. Thank goodness for this eye surgery.
-Joseph Krouse

Wish I would have had it done years ago.
-Brant Gunderson

The staff was exceptional with being available for questions and follow-up care after the surgery. The physicians were caring and professional in all interactions/appointments.
-Rhonda Magovac

Hello my name is Jeremy Hawkins. I’m 22 years old and I won the contest to get free LASIK surgery. Life is great and my vision is superb. I was never a fan of wearing glasses and now it’s like a big weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I feel free and I feel alot better for never having to deal with the drag of wearing glasses ever again. I feel alot more confident and alot more assertive now that I don’t have to ever wear glasses. Maybe it’s a mental thing, but whatever the case may be, the results are positive and that’s all that matters. I want to take the time to thank you guys a billion because you changed my life for the better.
-Jeremy Hawkins

My entire life has changed since having LASIK. The world is clearer/crisper, everything. Thank you so much for your kindness throughout my LASIK process. I feel blessed to have chosen Parschauer Eye Center to give me sight like I never imagined I could have!
-Jennifer Boynton

You’re perfect!
-Holly Elmlinger

I am so happy I decided to get Lasik and would recommend it to anyone. Dr. Dudenhoefer was great – did a great job and made me feel totally comfortable during the surgery by telling me everything that was going on. I had a great experience. Thanks!
-Shana Anglin

I enjoy not waking up in the middle of the night with my glasses on, from where I fell asleep reading or watching TV. It’s also great to get to wear fun stylish sunglasses! Keep up the great job!
-Sarah Fraley

The whole experience was fascinating and worth more to me than I can express. THANK YOU!
-Angeline Dunn

Sometimes I think I need to take my contacts out before I go to sleep at night and then remember that I don’t need to – my distance vision has improved so much it’s wonderful. For myself, the accurate description of my close-up vision was very helpful because that’s where I could only see well before the LASIK and now it’s not so sharp – but I was prepared for this and the advantage of gaining clear distant vision outweighs the change in close-up vision.
-Jennifer Braid

I enjoy not having to carry glasses to read, alternating between glasses and sunglasses. I can see small print better than with glasses! Jen Browne is a valuable asset to your office!
-Connie Trueman

I can see distance with clarity that I hadn’t had since grade school!
-Andrea Nothacker

I love that my eyes aren’t always red and irritated from my contacts.
-Lisa Heiser

My wife lets me drive on family trips again. My father passed away in January of 2010 and left me a small insurance policy. I wanted to do something that I would have forever to remember him by. I decided to have Lasik eye surgery. I have no regrets and I think of my dad and the gift of sight that he gave me often. Thanks.
-Ron Haer

It seemed even with prescription glasses I was constantly squinting to see. Now I’m more relaxed and can see everything. Appointment times were well kept (no waiting), emergency appointments were welcome, facility is top-notch. Ever since my procedure I’ve been telling everyone I know to go get LASIK.
-David L. Jarvis

It is awesome that I can see as soon as I wake up! This was by far the best thing I could have done for myself! I am so pleased with the results, well worth it!
-Jennifer Eckert

I can see the TV and read the paper.
-Anna Bundren

I am enjoying not having to wear contacts or glasses, my vision is 100% better. I have worn contacts since 4th grade and now have 20/20 vision.
-Sarah Ransom

I can see the tv without glasses and fall asleep without worrying my contacts are in or my glasses will get smashed!
-Cynthia Sage

I am enjoying being able to take a nap without having to take my contacts out. The staff was always friendly and accommodating. I had a wonderful experience and am so glad I chose Parschauer!
-Jennifer Williamson

I love being able to swim and run without worrying about the glasses. I can see colors better. As a registered nurse, I know how most medical offices operate and I have never seen an office as efficient and well run as Parschauer. What a wonderful experience that I would (and have) recommended to anyone.
-Jessica Keller

Your service is excellent! I can drive and watch TV without glasses.
-Rene Newell

I can see my golf ball hitting the green on good shots!!
-Tami Ringholz

Seeing detail of everything has been enjoyable.
-Lydia Souter

After the adjustment period, my eyes were not tired at the end of the day!
-Denise Emigh

I totally love not wearing glasses or contacts. I love to wake up and be able to see.
-Amy Rieff

I enjoy seeing the clock across my room in the mornings and detail on objects in the distance. Great service and quality care are always part of my visits to PEC. I love everything about PEC. The docs, staff, facility, atmosphere, etc. are top notch. Thanks PEC!
-Christopher Yontz

I can see very small print. Very professional staff.
-Rosaria Sortino

I wouldn’t change a thing about Parschauer Eye Center. The staff is very friendly and professional in how they handle patients.
-Keith Fox

I enjoy not having contacts. Seems like I have less eye irritations now, it’s so awesome. The follow-up reminders were helpful, staff was amazing, had a very great experience.
-Michael Szabo

I am enjoying every aspect of my life without the inconveniences of glasses and contacts.
-Tracy Stubblefield

I enjoy not wearing contacts in the heat and humidity, or forgetting to pack them for a trip.
-Kim McKillips

I enjoy not putting in contacts or worrying about taking them on vacation. You did an excellent job!
-Patricia Williams

I have been happy with everything.
-Chris Rospert

I most enjoy being able to see the clock by my bed without getting my glasses first. Thank you!
-Tara Newton

Being able to go snorkelling in the Bahamas was an insurmountable experience afforded me by the LASIK procedure. Thank you so much!
-Adam Link

I can swim with my eyes open!
-Haley Spears

I love waking up and being able to see my alarm clock, and not grabbing for my glasses first thing in the morning. Best money I’ve ever spent.
-Emily Rohlf

I appreciate the telephone reminders and your promptness on scheduled appointments.
-Mark Stuckey

Best thing I’ve ever done, and worth every penny. I have recommended your facility to everyone that I have talked to.
-Amy Fought

I love being free of glasses and contacts. I can swim with my son and actually see him!! The doctors and clinical staff were very friendly and personable. It was a very comfortable environment.
-Brooke Urich

It’s so nice not having to deal with glasses or contacts anymore. Just wanted to thank Dr. Dudenhoefer and the whole staff for one of the best experiences of my life.
-Ted Locke

Having been dependant on glasses and contacts most of my adult life, the decision to have LASIK surgery was an easy one; the difficulty came in selecting the best physician to perform the surgery. As an artist and designer, I make a living with my eyes and wanted to minimize any possible risks and have 100% confidence in my surgeon. The final result was incredible vision with no complications.

Dr. Ken Parschauer is probably the kindest and most considerate physician I have had the pleasure to meet. His attentiveness and thoroughness was impressive and very much appreciated. In addition, the support staff was both friendly and highly professional and the facility can only be described as world-class. We are fortunate to have this medical team as part of our local community. My sincere thanks to the entire Parschauer medical team.

-Deborah Schisler, Huron, OH

Dear Parschauer Eye Center,
I am writing to you in regards to the Lasik eye surgery which I received from Parschauer Eye Center in January of this year. I was the fortunate winner of your December drawing for free Lasik surgery. I want to express my deep gratitude for this very generous gift. I would like to tell you the story of how it came about from my point of view:

My wife and I were not customers of, nor had we heard of Parschauer Eye Center. My mother-in-law had Lasik surgery done at Parschauer Eye Center in 2006. Late last year, my mother-in-law had asked my wife to stop at your facility to pick up something she needed. While visiting your office, my wife noticed the drawing box for free Lasik surgery. Knowing that I could use the procedure, she filled out an entry form with my name. She mentioned to me that she filled out an entry form, but I did not make much of it. While at work one day in January, I received a phone call, and to my disbelief, I was told that I was the December winner of free Lasik eye surgery. I must admit that it was difficult to believe, and it wasn’t until I was off the phone that it occurred to me what had happened. I was overwhelmed with excitement and could not wait to tell my wife. I called her as soon as I had an opportunity and she could hardly believe it as well.

My experience at Parschauer Eye Center (the evaluation appointment, the surgery and the follow-up visits) has truly been a pleasurable one. I never waited long to be seen, the staff all treated me very nicely and Dr. Ken Parschauer was compassionate and reassuring. I always felt well taken care of, and I appreciated that.

I believe that your business will be blessed by your generous works, and I will pray that God recognizes your generosity. I could not be happier with the outcome! My vision is terrific and I owe it all to Parschauer Eye Center.

Thank you so very much!
Matthew Johnson – Monroeville, Ohio

“Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously” II Corinthians 9:6

Having been involved with refractive surgery for so many years I knew what I wanted in a refractive team and surgeon. The entire team was so organized and detailed. It was important to me to have an extremely skilled and knowledgeable surgeon who is meticulous with every detail. Dr Dudenhoefer fits this description perfectly. He was also so reassuring throughout the procedure. I am thrilled with my post-operative vision.

Thank you, Dr Dudenhoefer and Team.
-Ken Parschauer

Dr Ken Parschauer,
Just a quick note of thanks and appreciation to you and your staff for a job well done. I am very pleased with the results. Please commend your staff on a professional job well done. In my work, it is critical for a quick recovery and excellent outcome, and I am pleased that you and your staff were able to provide that.

Also a special “Thank You” to Dr. Rudy for helping me through all my exams and appointments. You have a very dedicated and professional staff on hand.

W. Dean Gasser

Every business (manufacturing, retail, healthcare services, etc.) could learn from the way Parschauer Eye Center treats patients/customers. Everyone went above and beyond to make sure I got the best possible results. I am extremely impressed with everything.
David Hahn, Sandusky

I can read signs from a farther distance.
-Jessica Cousino, Port Clinton

Everything is crystal clear. Very sharp vision!
-Megan Hanley, Huron

I see better after the procedure than before the procedure with glasses.
-Nanette Petersen, Sandusky

I love it if I have to get up in the middle of the night – I don’t have to fumble for glasses. It was a great experience!
-Melissa Carr, Sandusky

I can wake up and see first thing in the morning. I can see the clock beside my bed. You were all wonderful. Each person was kind, patient and answered any and all questions. I would recommend this to everyone. Thank you!
Judy Buffington, Westlake

I am so grateful to have been given the gift of clear vision! Dr. Ken Parschauer performed my lasik eye surgery almost two years ago, and I am seeing clearer than I ever have! My youngest daughter has special needs so she requires a lot of my time…and not having to worry about contacts or glasses has taken a big burden off my shoulders! Contacts and glasses just don’t give you that clear, crisp vision that lasik can. The care that you receive at Parschauer Eye Center is outstanding! I would recommend it to anyone!!!
-Kristen LeJeune

It has been an incredible experience. I could see almost nothing without my glasses, now I can see everything. This is such a blessing to me! Thank you so much for the excellent care and service I received during this whole process. Everyone was fantastic!
-Kathy Zirkle

I am a construction worker, so I work in paint, so it sure is nice to not have paint on glasses so that I can see.
-Dan Oney

My vision is better than people that have never needed glasses!
-Craig Caprara

I feel like I have high def vision. Everyone was wonderful! Dr. Dudenhoefer did an excellent job. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t have the procedure sooner.
-Laura Lloyd

Great service and staff!!
-Chris Schoenegge

Keep on doing a great job!
-Gail Dahm

My vision is near perfect. I can see when I swim, shave, wake in the morning, and when it is raining. It’s great.
-Steve Evans

I can see without the hassle of wearing contacts and glasses.
-Matt Wolph

No more itchy, irritated eyes from contacts. I can actually see words on the T.V.
-Felicia Santiago

I love the freedom I have without worrying about contacts and not being able to wear them due to allergies. LASIK was the best decision I have every made! Dr. Ken is a wonderful doctor. I was a little nervous but was very comfortable as he explained everything that would happen and what to expect during the surgery and after-care. Everything was perfect!
-Michelle Crawford

I am enjoying not having to wear glasses with helmets on my motorcycle, 4-wheeler, and snowmobile.
-Teresa Jarrett

I love waking in the morning and being able to see my alarm clock. Everything’s been great. Would recommend LASIK to everybody.
-Dawn Hohler